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Softaculous only provides scripts which are the best on the Web. That means no more wasting time on searching for 
scripts and ending up with something you that is way below your expectations. The Scripts are also managed according to categories giving the users exactly what they want. Softaculous has 275 Scripts and we keep adding more amazing scripts to the script library after thorough reviewing. Users can also request for script additions of their choice. If the scripts meets our expectations we will surely add it to our Script Library. 
Softaculous gives much faster updates of the scripts it maintains. At Softaculous, we understand that an Updates mean a much more secure script and better safety of the server. Also users benefit from the new features available in newer versions of scripts. We always try our best to make available the Updates ASAP! 




Softaculous understands the importance of the Privacy of a User and the Security Factors related to it. Hence, all possible 
efforts are made to attain the maximum level of safety and isolation of the User Data from the outside World. Softaculous also smartly encrypts user data for better Security. Softaculous does not store important user data like a Web Application 
Login details and other related content which might lead to a Security Breach. Via Softaculous, Users also have the privilege to install Web Application over HTTPS protocol for better Security.


Softaculous provides Web Applications in Multiple Languages letting Users Install Web Application in the their Languages. Some Applications have more than 50 Languages. Thus the user is saved from downloading translations packages and Manually installing them. 
Softaculous also maintains Ratings and Reviews of Scripts. Users who have used the scripts can write reviews of the scripts and can also rate the scripts they like the best. So other users will be able to choose their required software all the more easier as they can see the Ratings, Reviews and Demos. Softaculous brings the best of all scripts to the users. 

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